Catalina Arm Chair BR-1052-CA1

List Price Starts at $2045

Harmony takes shape. Generous and sleek, this chair gives an immediate impression of well-being and comfort, together with a sense of refined elegance. The armrests are the extension of the back legs, and link into the back, drawing a soft curve and offering relaxation and support for the body. The ideal seating to give a distinguishing touch to a refined restaurant or club, creating an atmosphere of warm hospitality and excellent taste.


Casters on all four legs

FSC Certified: 100% wood from well-managed forests

Dimensions & Weight:

23.75"D x 25.5"W x 30.25"H, 18.5"SH, 18" SD, 26.75"AH

Approximate Weight: 22.00 Lbs.

Yards: 1.75


Bellarosa Gallery




Product and interior designers at the firm Studio Associato, Edi and Paolo Ciani have designed furnishings and items of Industrial Design for over 25 years.

Since 1987 their Studio has created and developed products for important firms in the field of furniture, home furnishings, office furnishings and contract and outdoor use.

They have received various international awards over the years: Young&Design, Premio Catas, Top Ten, Wood Casual Furniture, Interior Innovation Award, Red Dot Design Award.

Edi and Paolo Ciani Design

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