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Counter Bar More Popular Than Ever

Reasons Bar Height Seating and Counter Height Seating is More Popular Than Ever

You have probably noticed…bar height furniture is not just for bar areas any longer. Today owners and designers are using bar and counter height seating in breakfast areas, lobbies, even in guestrooms. This trend does not stop in hospitality; offices today are also using these non-traditional seat heights to make their environments more effective. So what makes this more effective?

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1. Counter height allows more people to gather around a table. If all were seated, the table would need to be much larger, consuming more space.

2. Counter/bar height allows immediate eye contact which improves interpersonal communication.

3. The aging population in the US generally finds seating at counter height easier to maneuver, a 24” seat height makes it easier to sit and stand.

4. Contemporary relevant feel. Since the taller zones have become so popular, guests are demanding this experience.

5. When used with a community table, large groups may be accommodated in a very efficient footprint. In areas where seat count is critical, the communal table will improve useable seating capacity during the peak periods, opposed to traditional height seating.

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