Pompeii Side Chair BR-1084

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A collection inspired by the concept of hospitality understood both as ergonomics of shapes and as an expression of confidence and comfort. The soft lines of the shell, which can be customized with colors and fabrics, seem suspended on a rigorous structure in beech wood that generates empathy from the first glance, evoking familiar scenarios and atavistic geometries . The profiles of Pompeii seem to echo the primordial lines of pictograms and rock carvings, updating them in a contemporary style that elevates the chair itself to a symbol of hospitality.


Casters on all four legs

FSC Certified: 100% wood from well-managed forests

Dimensions & Weight:

21.25"W x 25.5"D x 33.5"H, 18"SH, 18"SD

Approximate Weight: 20.00 Lbs.


Bellarosa Gallery


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