Beautiful Banquet Rooms Drive Sales

Banquet rooms must always look beautiful, yet still be able to withstand the rigors of exceptionally heavy use. An event planner will never select a banquet room as a meeting location if it looks worn out. “Meeting planners select the hotel,to a large extent, for its ability to provide complete meeting facilities, which, in turn, sells large blocks of guest rooms,” says Rutes, Penner and Adams in Hotel Design Planning and Development. When it comes to keeping banquet rooms in top-notch condition, there are three areas that require the most attention: chairs, fabric, and carpet.

Chairs are a major capital expenditure that come with many choices. First is lifecycle. “We want chairs that last 10 years,” says Scott Bruce in the Design and Construction Department of IHG, Atlanta, “that is the lifetime of a color trend.”

Fabric is a critical component to delivering furniture that creates a good-looking banquet room, and there are a number of considerations in making the right choice.

While a banquet room’s carpet is mostly hidden once it’s set for an event, and even more so once filled with guests, it’s still a vital element in the overall room design. Take the following factors into consideration.

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