Elite Dining Experience at Hunters Run Luxury Country Club

Hunter’s Run: a palatial country club set on nearly 100 stunning acres in the Delray/Boynton Beach area of South Florida. Boasting 54 holes of golf, over 1500 private residences and a clubhouse with seven dining options, Hunter’s Run embodies luxury country club lifestyle at its finest. 

In order to maintain this level of country club sophistication, Hunter’s Run prides itself on frequent design updates and renovations. These updates and renovations are essential to keep the club's facilities and amenities in line with the changing tastes and expectations of its members. Most recently on the list is the stunning Main Dining Room. Used by members on a regular basis as a more formal option for brunch, lunch or dinner, this room is also frequently used for larger events and celebrations. Weddings, holiday gatherings, and other special occasions are elevated to a new level in this spacious, opulent room. When preparing for this important renovation, Hunter’s Run Director of Operations Daniel Salgado reached out to interior designer Pam Manhas, of Manhas Design. Located in Ft. Lauderdale, Manhas Design is an interior design firm specializing in restaurant, hospitality and country club design. Based on a long standing working relationship coupled with a reputation for exceptional quality products, Pam connected with Shelby Williams sales rep David Miller to develop the perfect dining chair for this cornerstone banquet room.

As the most formal dining space within Hunter’s Run, the dining chairs for the Main Dining Room needed to be sophisticated, beautiful and comfortable. Considering the varied uses for the space and the need to quickly and frequently reconfigure, durability and lightweight construction were top priority considerations. The chairs also needed to be stackable and easy to store. Wood chairs were considered but eliminated due to weight and concerns of damage when stacking and unstacking, as well as budgetary considerations. Daniel, Pam and David collaborated and decided on the proprietary Tufgrain finish as the perfect solution. Tufgrain by Shelby Williams is a powder coated wood grain finish applied over a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame. This finish provides the durability and flexibility needed for the Main Dining Room, coupled with the sophisticated aesthetic of natural wood.

Hunter’s Run wanted to fill the dining room with a combination of armchairs and side chairs - 350 chairs in total. In order to create the desired look in the room, the team ultimately decided to use two complimentary chair models instead of singling out one collection. The arm chairs are model # 7952-1 Tufgrain, stacking up to 5 chairs high and the side chairs are model # 8754 Tufgain, stacking up to 4 chairs high. This ability to stack offers maximum flexibility for the room and the elegant and timeless profile of the upholstered oval shaped backs and seats provide extra comfort for members and their guests. 

The recent Main Dining Room renovation at Hunter's Run Country Club is a testament to the club's unwavering commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing members with an exquisite, flexible, and comfortable space to enjoy a meal as well as celebrate life's special moments. This project partnership with Shelby Williams encapsulates Hunter's Run's pursuit of maintaining a level of sophistication and luxury that its members both expect and appreciate.


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