Renovating Your Country Club

While your club may not receive the abuse typical of a large convention center or hotel, it’s important to understand that these rooms must look their best. There is a big difference between furniture lasting a long time and furniture looking good for a long time. 

Tables, chairs, and booths are major capital expenditures that come with many choices. First is lifecycle. How long do you expect to use your seating and what is the anticipated life cycle cost?

Other important considerations when evaluating chairs start with the facility itself:
  • How much volume is the room designed to handle?
  • Do the chairs get stacked and un-stacked several times a day or week, or less frequently?
  • Will chairs be used for dining only, or also for meetings, weddings and other events?
  • How much space does the facility have for storage?
  • Will the furniture fit in the area in which it must be stored?

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Benefits of Polyurethane Fabric

Polyurethane fabric is renowned for its exceptional durability, making it an ideal choice for commercial furniture. Its resistance to wear and tear ensures that furniture upholstered with polyurethane fabric can withstand the rigors of high traffic and frequent cleaning of commercial settings. This longevity translates to a wise investment for businesses, as it minimizes replacements and maintenance.

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