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Melting Down the Facts on Sustainability

Shelby Williams places places a high priority on environmentally responsible operations. Our manufacturing facilities are committed to minimizing waste, reducing our carbon footprint, and utilizing recycled and recyclable materials.

We prioritize recycling as a fundamental aspect of our company culture. For the past three decades, our cutting-edge metal casting foundry has extracted engine components from over 50 million vehicles and repurposed them to create table bases. Our standard products are crafted using FSC hardwoods, and upon request, we can provide biodegradable foam and recycled materials, including upholstery fabrics or linoleum, to earn LEED points for any project.

Discover how Shelby Williams prioritizes sustainability by exploring our approach to reducing waste and utilizing recycled materials.


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Benefits of Polyurethane Fabric

Polyurethane fabric is renowned for its exceptional durability, making it an ideal choice for commercial furniture. Its resistance to wear and tear ensures that furniture upholstered with polyurethane fabric can withstand the rigors of high traffic and frequent cleaning of commercial settings. This longevity translates to a wise investment for businesses, as it minimizes replacements and maintenance.

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