SW booths featured at the Merchantile, HGTV Ree Drummond's new restaurant in Oklahoma

Exciting booth installation for Ree Drummond's new restaurant in downtown Pawhuska, OK.

There is no doubt that the Shelby Williams sales team is passionate about furniture, admittedly a bit more than the average person. The only thing we enjoy more than seeing our beautiful furniture in person is to see our custom designed pieces in an expertly designed marque installation. Over the years, we have proudly supplied furniture to unique and notable places like The Taj Mahal in Mumbai, The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Dollywood, Disney World and tons of stadiums. Even The White House and Senate boast Shelby Williams seating. 

One of our more recent celebrity installations is in The Mercantile, a restaurant in Oklahoma featuring local goods, comfort foods, fresh-made pastries, and delicious coffee.  This special restaurant, with regular lines out the door, is a focal point in downtown Pawhuska, OK, owned by none other than The Pioneer Woman, proud Oklahoma resident, Ree Drummond. Ree is an American blogger, author, food writer, and popular television personality. She has evolved into a brand unto herself with her regular show on the Food Network, cooking meals in her lodge or in retail stores with her own signature pans and other culinary accouterments.

The designer for The Mercantile implemented two distinct yet complementary styles of booths to make a statement and provide visual interest. They were custom designed with wood trim and vertical channels. The high-backed booth design featuring lipstick red Italian vinyl was specified to create a memorable space that will brand the experience for anyone who visits, and is uniquely offset by the lower profile tan vinyl booths lining the front window.

Another notable part of this project, sold by Shelby Williams rep Tracy Kaiser, is that we did not work directly with the designer. Tracy’s relationship with the General Contractor, Will Bass of DC Bass Contractors, allowed us to provide this $100,000 booth installation directly. We should keep in mind that not all furniture is purchased by the property, dealer or purchasing company. Booths are often in the general contractor’s budget and control.

Also unique to this project, Ree Drummond was actively hands-on and involved throughout the process for this project. From fabric and wood finish approval to pushing for the booths to deliver early so she could tape her show in the space, Ree demonstrated her dedication to her hometown, her brand and The Mercantile.

Shelby Williams’ Corporate VP, Sales & Marketing Steve Cohen was in contact with Will Bass, and Ree throughout the project. Will gave a solid nod, saying, “Shelby Williams makes the best booth I have ever seen; I will definitely be reaching out to you guys again for my next project.”

True to her reputation Ree Drummond had even more kind words to share... 

“I can't tell you how thrilled we are for the booths! We are incredibly grateful for ALL you did to expedite our project, and your team was so helpful to correct a couple of small things along the way (which I'm sure weren't small on your end---again, thank you!!) We were able to open on April 20 as planned because of all the amazing work and customer service your team provided, and both styles of booths really pop in the space and help us accommodate different-sized families and parties. We are thrilled with the booths---they absolutely exceeded our expectations, both quality-wise and visually. Thank you so much!!”

The project will be featured in the Pioneer Woman magazine as well as on her Food Network TV show.


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