Headliners Club for Shelby Williams

The Headliners Club is the premier downtown private club in Austin, Texas. Located on the 21st floor of the Chase Tower, the club enjoys unparalleled views of Austin and the surrounding landscape. The club itself is similarly spectacular, providing guests with a graceful, friendly setting for fine dining, professional meetings, social events, and entertaining.

To enhance the unique look and feel of the club, Shelby Williams recently provided a custom sofa that’s getting rave reviews. Shelby Williams worked with interior architecture design firm Bommarito Group, which previously specified Shelby Williams seating for dining and lounge areas, on the project.

“The sofa is perfect—the club manager says that everyone loves it and patrons think it’s very comfortable,” said Marla Bommarito-Crouch, chief executive officer, Bommarito Group. “Thank you for the extra effort to get the dimensions right. I’ve been in this business since 1977 and it’s nice to work with people who have pride in their work. Design matters! Quality matters!”


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Importance of Replacing Outdated Senior Living Furniture

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