Hotel Lobby Furniture Designed for the Business Traveler

Hotel Lobby Furniture
Today’s business travelers prefer to meet and work in public— changing the way the industry looks at furniture for the hotel lobby, bar and restaurant space.
March 10, 2015

Renovating Your Country Club

Country Club Furniture
While Country Clubs may not receive the abuse typical of a large convention center or hotel, it’s important to understand that these rooms must look their best. There is a big difference between furniture lasting a long time and furniture looking good for a long time.
March 03, 2015

Beautiful Banquet Rooms Drive Sales

Banquet Room Furniture
Banquet rooms must always look beautiful, yet still be able to withstand the rigors of exceptionally heavy use. An event planner will never select a banquet room as a meeting location if it looks worn out. “Meeting planners select the hotel,to a large extent, for its ability to provide complete meeting facilities, which, in turn, sells large blocks of guest rooms,” says Rutes, Penner and Adams in Hotel Design Planning and Development. When it comes to keeping banquet rooms in top-notch condition, there are three areas that require the most attention: chairs, fabric, and carpet.
March 01, 2015

Designing Dining Rooms for Senior Living

Furniture for Senior Living
Senior Living facilities have unique dining room requirements. Choosing the best tables and chairs for a senior living dining area is daunting.
March 01, 2015

Hospitality Furniture Care

Appropriate Care Ensures a Solid Return on Investment. How will you keep it looking great and serving your customers for years to come? Here’s a three pronged approach that ensures a safe and attractive environment and avoids the disruption caused by defective product.
December 01, 2014
In the News - Shelby Williams

Send us images of your best Shelby Williams project and we will pay you $50 per project and showcase your work on our new website.

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I very seldom praise a product but "Shelby Williams has earned it. We are currently having to repad hospital Dining Room chairs that we bought from Shelby Williams. Sounds bad you would think. The chairs were purchased in 1986-88. That's approx. 27 years of use in a hospital setting. I find it amazing that they are just now showing wear. With no issues or damage to the frames. The staff were extremely helpful in resolving the issues because of the age of the chairs and will be able to accommodate our hospital needs at an exceptional price.

I applaud the company and staff.

Gary L. Allison
Aurora Behavioral Health Care


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Sedera Side Chair


Aluminum Stacking Arm Chair


Multipurpose Table


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