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NL610 Booth

NL610 Booths & Banquettes


Best for freestanding applications.

Yardage: 7

Approx Weight: 0.00


  • High Density Foam over an elastic web seat
  • Exposed wood base and legs


  • Contact us if you don't see exactly what you want
  • We will be happy to work with you on your own custom style.

" Single booths are not intended to be modular or used to create a wallbench. If a wallbench is needed please contact your sales person."

NL610 NL610

54D x 72L x 34H
Seat H: 18
Seat D: 23

N610 -34 7 YDS

Pillows NL610-Diameter

6D or 8D x 18L x 34H

N610 6-34 1 YDS
N610 8-34 1 YDS

Pillows Square NL610-Square

18D or 20D x 18L or 20L x 34H

N610 18 x 18-34 1 YDS
N610 20 x 20-34 1 YDS