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I will select fabrics and finishes at a later date. For now, please show me list pricing for the following grade:

BR-1042 Venus Side Chair
22.5"D x 20.5"W x 31"H, 18.5"SH

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Custom Wood Stain

WBF255 Whitewash

WBF259 Natural Tint

WBF 131 Light Cherry

WBF 261 Wheat Cherry

WBF 122 Medium Oak

WBF 124 Chestnut

WBF263 Grey Walnut

WBF 253 Weathered Grey

WBF152 Wenge

WBF 128 Dark Walnut

Opaque Black

Opaque White

WBF 403 Mac & Cheese

WBF 406 Mango Tango

WBF 404 Watermelon

WBF 405 Grape Jelly

WBF 402 Sea Turtle

WBF 401 Cosmic Cobalt



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