Caramel Room Grand Opening

Shelby williams Banquet Chairs
Shelby Williams banquet chairs chosen to be in The Caramel Room
February 11, 2016

Wedgewood Academic Center

Wedgwood Academic Center
Shelby Williams furnishes Belmont’s new 300-seat chapel
August 13, 2015

Yellow Brick Road Casino

Yellow Brick Road Casino
Shelby Williams chairs help to furnish the new Yellow Brick Road Casino
June 02, 2015

Case Study - La Grange Country Club, La Grange IL

LA Grange Country Club
Shelby Williams designs custom chairs for La Grange Country Club in Illinois.
April 06, 2015

Case Study - Arizona Biltmore

Arizona Biltmore Banquet Chairs
Shelby Williams Banquet Chairs were chosen for their comfort, durability, and beauty to complement the conference center at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel.
February 16, 2015

Case Study - The Ballpark at St. Louis

Ballpark St. Louis, Missouri
Aside from having the National League Champion Cardinals, local fans now have a brand new entertainment district called Ballpark Village. The cornerstone of the district is a building attached to the park. This structure houses several dining facilities and other attractions.
November 11, 2014
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I very seldom praise a product but "Shelby Williams has earned it. We are currently having to repad hospital Dining Room chairs that we bought from Shelby Williams. Sounds bad you would think. The chairs were purchased in 1986-88. That's approx. 27 years of use in a hospital setting. I find it amazing that they are just now showing wear. With no issues or damage to the frames. The staff were extremely helpful in resolving the issues because of the age of the chairs and will be able to accommodate our hospital needs at an exceptional price.

I applaud the company and staff.

Gary L. Allison
Aurora Behavioral Health Care


Tufgrain Dining Chair


Deco Booth


Flat Eased Edge Plywood Top

800 Series

Table Bases


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