Custom Hospitality Furniture Design

Beautiful Style + Quality Craftsmanship = Sustainable Design

The more you love a piece of furniture, the more likely you are to keep it forever and pass it on to future generations which is the greenest solutiion of all.


Hospitality Furniture Case Study

What is Tufgrain?

Tufgrain is a faux wood metal finish for lightweight aluminum chairs. It's durable and scratch resistant with the warm and look of real wood.


Shelby Williams Cafe Tables Durable and able to sustain prolonged use, discover dining solutions for every function and aesthetic.

Cafe Tables

Shelby Williams Booths Create a welcoming first impression and improve hotel functionality.


Shelby Williams Wood Chairs Solid, sturdy and durable, our wood chairs offer lasting performance.

Wood Chairs

Seamus Bateson on Sustainable Design